URSCHEL LABORATORIES INC. founded in the USA in 1910, it occupies a leading position in the design, manufacture and sale of equipment for precision cutting and grinding of food products. Urschel’s food processing equipment includes commercial potato chip slicers, high-performance cheese slicers, vegetable and fruit dicers, French fries cutters, meat dicers, peanut butter grinders, fish processing equipment, crushers for bakery products, dicing machines, wet and dry crushers for the food and pharmaceutical industries, and a wide range of other cutting equipment. Urschel offers more than 50 types of equipment designed for grinding food products, and its food processing machines are used by the largest food processing plants in almost every corner of the world. Each is assembled individually, with great care and attention to detail. The company has many patents and a well-developed and world-famous brand of its machines.


In more than 100 years of history, Urschel has consistently invested in research and development of the most innovative cutting methods combined with the most modern manufacturing practices. Urschel employees, working in branches located around the world, are excellent professionals in the field of production, service, sales and technical support. Both the goal and the main strategy of the company is to develop and implement effective, durable and reliable solutions in the field of production of grinding devices, and the most valuable capital of the company are people who work for the company’s success with enormous and everyday commitment.


URSCHEL INTERNATIONAL POLSKA, a branch established in 1998. It was established in connection with the growing number of food processors in this region of Europe. Today, the sale of machines and all spare parts and components for these machines plays a key role. The branch’s complementary activity is the provision of fast and efficient technical and service support for delivered and launched devices. Over the past 20 years, our clients have appreciated our reliability, quality and timely deliveries. Our know-how and individual approach to each client is the most important element of our daily work. We have been working for our joint success for over 20 years and, apart from financial results, we have a well-coordinated team of specialists and a large group of clients who recommend us.